Joseph Bressler (ulydog) wrote in westernnyhikes,
Joseph Bressler

Water Tower in Mendon Ponds

A great find.....Right smack in the middle of the woods of Mendon Ponds Park you'll find the highest public point in Monroe County along with a big old water tower. Unfortunately, there's too much wood cover to get a good panorama of Rochester from the base. That's why when after you climb to the top of the water tower, it makes the view ten times better. However, if you do plan on climbing the water tower i must warn you that you're gonna need some supplies. There is a solid metal ladder which goes up the side of the tower but it starts at about 10-12 feet above the ground. I brought a rope ladder with me to reach the first step of the ladder and then it was just a quick climb from there. Most definitely worth the effort. I don't think it's legal to climb it, but it is in the middle of the who's really gonna know?

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