treborlynpo (hypostatization) wrote in westernnyhikes,

abandoned home and scrap yard

Head south on 96 toward the village of Victor. Pull off into the liquor store parking lot that comes up on your right hand side just past two small billboards. Near the billboards you'll find a trail that takes you back behind the store and across the train tracks. Follow the trail into the woods.

If you continue to head straight you'll be treated to an abandoned scrap yard, filled with all sorts of rusted and forgotten treasures. Be careful exploring off trail, a good portion of the area is overgrown. I've had the displeasure of sinking knee deep into piles of twisted metal and broken bottles there. The trail itself is safe. Enjoy the abandoned cars along the trail. Look for a tree growing out through a discarded refrigerator.

If you veer off to the right at the first fork when entering the woods, you'll eventually find an abandoned home and large rusted metal shed alongside the trail. The home is covered in juvenile graffiti, which detracts somewhat from its appeal for me, but it is still fun to climb around in and look at the textures decay has brought it.

The trails you are on will eventaully meet up with a stretch of the Genesee Valley Greenway.
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